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The new diagnostic reference
for psychiatric disorders will
soon be published. It will
contain many new disorders,
conditions and illnesses. It won't
be long before we are all
assigned a psychiatric
diagnosis at birth and will be
prescribed medication shortly
Generally speaking
psychologists view the potential
of this trend with alarm because
it is going in the direction of
removing each of us from the
personal responsibility for our
lives and the empowerment
which such responsibility brings.
In doing so it aggravates the
very conditions it seeks to
Many of my patients over the
years have sought to work on
their problems for themselves
and not see themselves as
victims of an ill defined illness.
In working in this way they have
become stronger, more self
determined and more fulfilled
rather than becoming a woeful
victim of an illness which often
times does not exist.
Think about it!


I have encountered many
individuals over the years who
maintain the belief that
someone who is a
"Psychologist" is akin to a mind

They thus can be very guarded
and careful when speaking with
a psychologist even within a
social context.

The fact of the matter is that a
lifetime of training and
experience will make
professionals within any field
particularly sensitive to and
aware of that which they have
studied and worked with for so
many years.

You may have heard the phrase
"a busman's holiday" referring
to the fact that those who seek
a vacation from their usual daily
routine often find themselves
engaging in that which they are
vacationing from.

Such are the occupational
hazards of any profession or
indeed of any long held

For a psychologist to be aware
of the nuances and feelings of
people they encounter in their
daily lives, outside of their
professional venue, is a fact of
life. For a psychologist to be a
"good listener" in their day to
day contacts is also a fact of
life. This does not mean that
professional therapists of any
kind are less subject to the
pressures and frustrations of
daily life and does not mean
that they are mind readers.

I have been in practice for 35 years in     
Maine working throughout the State and  
in my Portland location since 1986.

My office is a large oak panelled, high
ceilinged comfortably furnished private
space which is totally unlike modern
sterile medical office  settings.

I prize the fact that my clients find my
office conducive to establishing the
comfortable atmosphere for sharing and
exploring their inner world in pursuit of
self understanding and a more balanced
and rewarding life.

In my years of experience as a clinician
and through my own personal journey I
have acquired a broad perspective on
human problems and foibles as well as an
appreciation for the cultivation of a sense
of gratitude for the gifts given to us by life.
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